WordPress Form Manager and Members plugins integrate brilliantly

We’ve been working with the WordPress Form Manager plugin for a while, and have found it an excellent and flexible way to create forms in WordPress (thanks Campbell Hoffman). However, I was initially struggling when trying to change the way the permissions worked within the plugin.

By default, only site administrators get to see the forms menu item in the Dashboard, and only they can edit forms, view submission data etc. I wanted to allow other roles (e.g. Contributors) to view submission data, but, ideally, not to edit forms, change advanced form settings etc, or edit posts etc. Therefore, I started looking around in the Form Manager plugin code to see if I could change things to allow different roles to do different things and was getting confused by things like the $fm_MEMBERS_EXISTS variable. What I should have done, as always, is look at the docs for the plugin, where I would have found (and eventually did find) this: http://www.campbellhoffman.com/form-manager-faq/#how-do-i-restrict-access-to-different-parts-of-form-manager-members

It turns out that the Form Manager plugin integrates with Justin Tadlock’s Member’s plugin, which in itself seems like an excellent plugin, allowing you to change the capabilities associated with different roles, create your own roles and more. As an aside, users, roles and capabilities in WordPress can be confusing, but Justin’s post on the what they all mean makes it much less so.

Therefore, combining these two plugins allowed me to create a new role that has very limited capabilities. Alongside the standard ‘read’ capability, all they can do is view the list of available forms (the ‘form_manager_main’ capability), view the submission data table (‘

In conclusion, I would say the Members plugin is a ‘must have’ if you want something other than the standard roles offered by WordPress and the Form Manager plugin, of which I was already a fan, is made all the better thanks to its ability to integrate with Members.

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