Maths with QTI – QTI XML Basic Structure

Please note that this is a work in progress!

This is the first of my QTI XML Building Blocks posts, where I will give the basic structure of an assessment item in a QTI XML file, that can be used as a framework that can be filled in with the building blocks that I will cover in future posts. This is very much a work in progress and I can’t promise everything is correct. At this stage I am just trying to create something that is useful to me, and putting it out there in case it is useful to anyone else!

So, here is the basic structure of a QTI XML document (or the basic structure I’ve been using/copying for writing questions):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- Define question properties -->
<!-- Some of these are obvious, others are XML namespace definitions - not all of these are generally needed 
   adaptive - if set to false, only one attempt is allowed, so this is best for summative items. If set to true, multiple attempts are allowed and the feedback/outcomes can be changed, and this is better for formative items, where a user can have multiple goes. This should not be confused with an adaptive test, where the questions presented change depending on a user's answers to previous questions, although a similar thing can be achieved within an adaptive item.
<assessmentItem xmlns=""
   xsi:schemaLocation=" imsqti_v2p1.xsd mathassess.xsd">
   title="Question Title">

   <!-- Here we define all of the variables that are going to be used in the question -->

   <!-- Response Declarations -->
   <!-- These are the variables used in response processing, including those for storing the response(s) given by the user -->
   <responseDeclaration identifier="RESPONSE" cardinality="single" baseType="integer"/>

   <!-- Outcome Declarations -->
   <!-- These are the variables used for returning an outcome to the user, e.g. score, feedback -->
   <outcomeDeclaration identifier="SCORE" cardinality="single" baseType="integer"/>

   <!-- Template Declarations -->
   <!-- These are the variables used for creating the question, e.g. the variables used for randomising values within a question -->
   <templateDeclaration identifier="iA" cardinality="single" baseType="integer" mathVariable="true"/>

      <!-- Here template variables are assigned values, constraints are defined etc -->

   <!-- ITEM BODY -->
      <!-- The itemBody contains the content of the item, including the question, interactions, feedback sections (which are initially hidden) etc  -->

      <!-- Here the user's response is assessed, compared the correct answer etc, and outcome variable, e.g. score and which feedback to show, are set -->

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