Getting excited by maths handling in MathAssessEngine

Just been trying out some sample QTIv2.1 questions sent to me by Dr Sue Milne from ELandWeb Ltd which address some issues with maths in online assessment that we have been struggling with for some time:

  • How do we allow students to choose the units in which they answer a numeric question?
  • How do we allow students to answer an algebraic question with an algebraic answer?
  • How can we randomise the values presented whilst testing the same mathematical concept from student to student and from attempt to attempt (to allow students to retest themselves)?
The answer appears to be that what we need is MathAssessEngine from the University of Edinburgh and QTIv2.1 .
Answering questions with algebra
Answering a question with algebra in MathAssessEngine
We haven’t yet had time to look at this is any great detail but these two examples demonstrate that there is a whole new world of assessments out there waiting to be explored.
qtiv21_examples contains two examples:
Example 1  (SineRule-002-mathOpWithSol.xml): Demonstrates a question that ‘understands’ units and the impact they will have on the expected answer
Example 2 (mela012252.xml): Demonstrates answering a question with algebra – in this case ‘sqrt’.  As the participant types, the answer the computer will mark is displayed in MathML.
Both questions randomise the variables shown each time you retake the question. To give them a go yourself, unzip the file then visit MathAssessEngine. ‘Choose file’ under ‘Upload Assessment Items and Tests’ and click ‘Go’.


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