Accessibility – Rogo vs Perception

When considering and comparing Rogo and Questionmark Perception, one thing we looked at was the accessibility options available in both. As would be expected both give consideration to accessibility requirements, but the approaches and options vary.

Questionmark Perception (V5)


In Rogo, accessibility settings are set for an individual, rather than for an assessment/schedule. Once specified, these settings are used for every assessment that the user sits. The following settings are available:

  • Extra Time (doesn’t actually do anything as assessments are not timed)
  • Font Size
  • Typeface
  • Background Colour
  • Foreground Colour
  • Marks Colour
  • Heading/Theme Colour
  • Labels Colour

User’s cannot adjust any settings for themselves within exam delivery, but this is unlikely to be a problem, as accessibility requirements are almost always known about prior to an assessment. Furthermore, they can easily be changed ‘on the fly’.

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